We released an update yesterday, but it was minor and it created some new bugs, we also want to release soon a major release which will include a new game mode, so, here it comes an update with some things that we wanted to change for a while. 

Magical Prisma OB-1.6.3 comes with the following changes:

  • Now punishment pieces will spawn weaker at earlier stages of the game (and they also give some score now!).
  • Improved prismatic pieces and bomb pieces explosions, now, while falling, they will destroy surrounding pieces.
  • Now in multiplayer games, punishment pieces are sent to the next alive player. Ex: 4 players game where player 3 has died. Player 1 will send punishment pieces to player 2, player 2 to player 4 and player 4 to player 1).
  • Fixed a bug in piece movement in 3 and 4 players scenes.
  • Improved in-game prompter readability in scenes for 3 and 4 players.
  • Minor gameplay bug fixing.


Magical Prisma OB-1.6.3 Linux.rar 90 MB
Aug 24, 2019
Magical Prisma OB-1.6.3 MacOS.zip 95 MB
Aug 24, 2019
Magical Prisma OB-1.6.3 Windows.rar 91 MB
Aug 24, 2019

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