A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Follow us on the adventure to recover the Magical Prisma! 

Magical Prisma is a competitive game of tile-matching puzzle, tribute to the referents of this genre that were popular in the 90's. Combining our game system with competitive mechanics we are creating a fun and dynamic experience both for the single player and multiplayer game modes.

Complete the campaign, play with your friends or compete to conquer the higher ranks of the online leagues. There is a game mode for all tastes! Ninjas, robots, bounty hunters, mad scientists, magic, Explosions! TALKING ANIMALS! ... 

You need anything else? How about a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players? Or 140 levels of campaign, up to 10 selectable characters, local/online multiplayer, competitive league, tournaments... Stop reading and reserve your copy!

The control of the game mechanics and taking decisions in real time represent the bases of Magical Prisma:

The pieces they are made of a color, a shape, and a number. They will reach the top of the screen and make you loose unless you make something about it!

The roulette of selection indicates which kind of combos should you make : Same color, same shape or same number. The value changes randomly after some time, check it often!

The selector has to be moved by you, the player to select pieces or interact with some other elements.

There are many other mechanics and elements that make Magical Prisma special: Combos, punishment pieces, prismatic pieces, bombs, Super Prisma powers... Learn to dominate them!

Install instructions

Download the zip-archives, unzip the files, plug in a controller and start the appropriate executable.


The specific demo distributed on this page is licensed under Creative Commons as defined through the link below. Linking to this page is deemed by the developers as an acceptable way to fulfill attribution in the license.


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