Magical Prisma CB-0.4.0 is here!

We come back with a new update with important gameplay changes!

Now we bring you... EXPLOSIONS! (thanks to Michael Bay for inventing explosions)

  • Some characters have new power-ups: Dynamite and Bombs, they have differents AoE so try to discover how to make better use of them.
  • Now all characters have new in-game attack poses. 
  • Some sound effects have been improved.
  • New Stage: Kumiko
  • New song: Kumiko's theme
  • The title screen videos have been updated to the new gameplay and visual aspect of the game.
  • Added Kumiko's stage and Kumiko's song. 
  • Tweaked some character center points.
  • Many many bugs have been fixed

Thanks for being here and playing Magical Prisma.

Have a Happy Halloween!


Magical Prisma Windows 210 MB
Oct 30, 2020
Magical Prisma Linux 209 MB
Oct 30, 2020
Magical Prisma Mac 210 MB
Oct 30, 2020

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