Magical Prisma global event+ OB-1.6.1

Good news everyone! A new Magical Prisma update is here!

Before the patch notes, we have a special announcement: This version comes with our second global event, and it's massive! Let me tell you the event rules.

From today, 18:00 GMT+1 to Saturday 10th of August at the same hour all players can join the event and participate. If the objectives are accomplished before the time limit we'll release a new an exclusive:

  • Magical Prisma's Full-HD Wallpaper!
  • And 1 free key of the commercial version of Magical Prisma (Steam) for the 3 players who hold the higher p, best scores.


  • There must be 2000 different entries in the leaderboard by the end of the event.
  • Each player can submit as many scores as desired, no limits.
  • You need like and retweet this tweet: or mention and like this post: to win a key.
  • Only the entries with scores bigger than 1000 will be valid for the event.
  • Any score submitted after the time limit will be ignored.

Come with us and have fun at our second global event!

And now, the patch notes:


  • Added a new playable character : "Magical Prisma".
  • Added 'crazy mode', a game modifier that starts when time runs out at a free for all game. Discover it by yourself!
  • Solved tons of tiny bugs.
  • We did some small tweaks to gameplay values.
  • Greatly increased the amount of coins gained by playing a multiplayer game.


Magical Prisma OB-1.6.1 MacOS.rar 90 MB
Aug 02, 2019
Magical Prisma OB-1.6.1 Windows.rar 90 MB
Aug 02, 2019
Magical Prisma OB-1.6.1 Linux.rar 89 MB
Aug 02, 2019

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