Magical Prisma's first Arcade Championship!

We are starting the last pre-launch work phase and, we are really excited about the future changes for Magical Prisma. That's why we want to share this experience with our followers and players with a special event:

Magical Prisma's first Arcade Championship!

On Friday, June 28th, the global leaderboard will be restarted, since, from that day to July 5th, we will be celebrating the first Magical Prisma's Arcade Competition. The 3 players who hold the highest ranks on the Leaderboard at the event closure will have their names added to the game as three new avatar items.

The event will start on June 28th at 18:00pm (GMT+1) and will finish on July 5th at 18:00pm (GMT+1).

Staff and collaborators scores will be ignored.

BULLWARESOFT holds the right to prevent someone with an offensive name from winning.

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