We have been working on improving everything we have developed to make Magical Prisma a better experience. Magical Prisma OB-1.5.0 comes with the following changes:


-The difficulty levels of the arcade mode have been increased from 30 to 35.

-The number of punishment pieces per level in the arcade mode has been changed and balanced for 35 levels.

-The time it takes to appear a a new line of pieces each level has been changed and balanced for 35 levels.

-In the arcade mode, at the maximum level (35) and repetitions, now will fall 5 punishments pieces each speed up.

-The time between roulette spins has been adjusted from 10 to 11 seconds.

-The normal pieces, when destroyed, now charge 0.5% of the "Super Prisma" bar instead of 1%. 

-The prismatic pieces, when destroyed, now charge 1% of the "Super Prisma" bar instead of 2%.

These previous changes impact on shorter and frenetic games while maintaining a soft start for less experienced players. In the future, these changes will be complemented with an increase of the Magical Coins earned each game. Also, because of the changes to the gameplay, the global highscore has been reset.

-Added a particle effect to characters when Super Prisma is charged.

-Lowered player FX volume in multiplayer scenes.

-Player danger state now enables one line before in all game modes.

-Removed, in multiplayer scenes, some voice effects like "watch out", when 3 or more punishment piece fall, or "quadra", "prismatic¨... when a combo is ended.

-In game player danger state now enables one line before.

-Now sound effects like pieces being destroyed, doesn't play multiple times at once when a super prisma is casted, or a big explosion happens. (We do care for your hearing).

-In 3 and 4 players scenes now prompter text goes now from bottom to top instead of top to bottom.

-Now, for new users, the default hairstyle is "Regular Brown".

-Increased error sound effect volume.


-Now pieces shake do stop when a super prisma is casted.


-There is an unidentified bug that prevents some punishment pieces to fall to their right position..

-The navigation tabs of the "extras" menus have to be adjusted.

-There is a mismatch between mouths and faces in the profile's assets.

-In the achievements menu the number of achievements in the first category, and the category name disappears permanently if you navigate down.

- A parallel shadow to the in game score ascending numbers must be added to improve its reading.

-In 3 and 4 players scenes, there are some difficult to read prompter messages.


Magical Prisma OB-1.5.0 Linux.rar 65 MB
Apr 25, 2019
Magical Prisma OB-1.5.0 Windows.rar 65 MB
Apr 25, 2019

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