We have been working on a lot of small things, that added together make up for a really decent update. Magical Prisma OB-1.3.1 comes with the following changes.


  -Prompter added in all game modes up to 4 players.


  -"Driving License" menu button is now accesible from all submenus.

  -Now data in the "Driving License" is displayed orange.

  -In the archievements menu, now buttons change their background whether or not their archievement is unlocked.

  -In the statistics menu, the buttons that display the percentage of time played with each character, doesn't show the character's name if it is not unlocked.

  -Now the default items are all the first of their category  in the shop.

  -Temporally, because graphic design reasons, only Magical Prisma will show up in the main menu character display.


  -Now the quantity of prismatic combos made does show in the statistics menu

  -Fixed Tenacity I, II, III, and IV archievement displays.

  -Fixed a bug that broke colorblind mode set when modifying player 2, 3 or 4.

  -Fixed a bug that made protanopia and deuteranopia set the same piece colors in game.

  -Fixed some translation errors.

  -Registering 2 people at the same ip is now possible after waiting some time between registers.

  -This update contains a linux version contrary to the previous one.


  -We have found that rarely some pieces don't fall to the position they belong to, staying one position above.


ob-1.3.1 Windows.rar 65 MB
Apr 17, 2019
ob-1.3.1 Linux.rar 64 MB
Apr 17, 2019

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