Hello World!

First of all, thank you very much for following us or just getting here, we love you. Now let's talk a little about Magical Prisma.

Magical Prisma is mainly a competitive video game, although it contains modes and mechanics that can be enjoyed in a single player experience, we could say it focuses on offering a complete competitive experience: casual games, rankeds, leagues, tournaments, customizable profiles ...

That is why in BULLWARESOFT we believe that an open beta is the best way to maintain contact with a community of players that create part of the experience, each player facing another, who rises in rank or who fills a slot in an online tournament. , it's part of the game.

Since Magical Prisma is released (March 1, 2019) as open beta, until the end of it we will try to have all these game modes and contents ready through updates, weekly the minor ones and monthly ones that add big changes. That's why we ask you for some patience and a little collaboration, since a game that needs your community to be complete is a game that belongs to all of us.

On March 1 Magical Prisma will have:

  • Arcade mode, with leaderboard onlain.
  • Roster, with 10 selectable characters.
  • Magical Coins, players will win with after each game.
  • Magical Shop, in it you can buy assets and titles for your avatar.
  • Statistics, information about the profile and the game.
  • Options, resolution options, controls and even modes for different colorblindness

Our goal after the release is to include in the first updates the local multiplayer mode of up to 4 players, one of our favorite modes and almost all those who play Magical Prisma.

We look forward to your questions and suggestions, once again, thank you very much.


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