Hello everybody! We are back on track with a new Magical Prisma update, it brings some changes for the proper game functioning, some new things, and a few improvements:

  • Added a new end game screen to every game mode.
  • Added a new song to the OST: "Tutorial"
  • Changed the typing sound effect for a nicer one.
  • Added a display that shows which button to press to interact with the main menu elements.
  • Now, when a save data is corrupted, it resets itself instead of having to do it manually.
  • Added more colored keywords to the in-game texts.
  • Added a new splash screen.
  • Added a scene that pop up when you enter the game for the first time, asking you if you want to do the first tutorial.
  • Added a new default avatar, with the new style.
  • Added the voice effect "Prismatic" in multiplayer game modes.
  • Fixed player 2 character display on 3 players scenes.
  • Added a new coin gain animation
  • Some boring bug-fixing.


Magical Prisma ob-1.8.2 Windows.rar 105 MB
Nov 27, 2019
Magical Prisma OB-1.8.2 Linux.rar 105 MB
Nov 27, 2019
Magical Prisma OB-1.8.2 MacOS.zip 109 MB
Nov 27, 2019

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