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Any way to change the controls?

No, you only can alt between keyboard and controlpad, sorry.


Gran juego, me ha encantado completo. Es fácil pero hay que ser constante para poder subir

Muchas gracias!


Gran trabajo, he estado jugando un rato (esta tarde le daré otro rato más) y el juego es increíble, no me extraña viniendo de los desarrolladores que hay detrás. Mi enhorabuena, tenéis un producto muy logrado y ya casi "acabado". El control es muy fluido, la mecánica es muy interesante y destaca con respecto a otros juegos del estilo, el arte gráfico es impresionante y altamente pulido y la banda sonora es impecable. Me ha dejado sin palabra, desde luego tendrá un rincón en mi librería de Steam :).

Un saludo.



El juego es divertido, tiene algo que me gusta que no veo en otros juegos, que requiere de agilidad mental, el jugador ha de estar atento y me gusta porque esto lo hace entretenido.

Felicidades por este gran juego!!


Watson es mi espíritu animal.

El juego es divertido, fácil de entender y seguir las instrucciones. Lo mejor de todo es que es de esos juegos en los que te picas y cada vez quieres más puntuación y se te pasa el rato volando. La música está muy chula, seguid así que vais muy bien ;)

Muchísimas gracias! Nos alegramos de que te haya gustado. Nos puedes apoyar con un rating (el símbolo arriba a la derecha de la pantalla con una estrellita!)

Ten un buen día (/0.0)/


I thought that this game was boring but when I first played I started to have fun. I think that this game is very nice and I recomend everyone to play ;)


Actually a quite nice surprise!
It's always really catchy to see a game with that classical arcade gameplay with a multiplayer mode (playing with 4 players should be a total madness hahaha)
And the character variety is a nice plus btw!


El juego me ha encantado, sencillo, fácil de entender y de rápido aprendizaje, de esos juegos que te puedes estar horas para poder tener más y más puntos y ser un "proaso" del juego. Me han pasado varías horas volando literalmente. El juego tiene una línea de dificultad perfecta, es fácil de seguirlo y con poco tiempo encuentras las cosas mucho más rápido y avanzas haciendo así más puntuación (al principio me costó un poco diferenciar algunas figuras por el tamaño de ellas, pero luego ya me hice con ello rápido). 

¡La música me ha encantado también, cada personaje tiene la suya y enganchan! :)

Seguid haciéndolo así de bien que el juego engancha de lo lindo. ¡Muchas gracias!

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Muchas gracias por el feedback y por este minianalisis!


Un juego sencillo y muy divertido, partidas rápidas, para toda la familia y sobre todo con una curva de aprendizaje mínima. Uno de esos que siempre tienes un rato para jugar regularmente. 


Buen juego y muy divertido para todas las edades


Buenísimo juego, diseño y arte por igual con unas melodias sensacionales y rítmicas. Diseño precioso de los personajes


Juego facil para jugar en familia y adictivo.


Genial juego y maravilloso equipo. Espero que salga promto la versión final. Un abrazo desde Almassora


Muy buen juego, me encanta, espero que saquéis pronto la versión completa,gracias por la explicación del vila.roja,fue muy reveladora. Gracias por todo 


Super fun and addictive. Would recommend 100%


Espero con ganas a que salga el juego completo.


Este juego es muy divertido, no me canso de jugar. Lo recomiendo


Este juego es fenomenal, me encantaba el tetris y este me recuerda muchísimo a el. Es muy entretenido y lo recomiendo a todos no os vais a arrepentir.😋


This game its great i would play it everyday (but im anxious for the On-line multiplayer too)


This game is so fun to play! I got the game 2 days ago and I'm already hooked. I already have 3 million points as of writing this and I plan to go even further. However, if I had to state one bad thing, it's that you can't customise your controls but if I'm being honest, the controls aren't too bad, it's just that why can't you make fast rise right shift and left shift. I also don't like how the roulette cancels your combo. Just a side note, for anyone that gets this game, remember this: SHAPE IS YOUR WORST ENEMY IN THIS GAME! 


We are working really hard to improve the visualization of the "shape" attribute. Thank for you feedback, It is very important to us.


I really enjoy playing the game! Really fun, only bad thing is that the hexagons look too much like the circles.




Nice game, with a good singleplayer mode and excellent mechanics for party games.
This may be subjective, but I don't like the way it cancels your current combo when the "selection roulette" changes.

I couln't do more for now, can't wait to try a more recent version!


¡Solo falta un poco más para la nueva versión!

It only cancels your combo when it no longer meet the requirements! If you select something like red-circle-1 + red-circle-4 in colors, and then the roulette changes to shapes (or colors again), it won't cancel.

It's up to you if you want to take the risk to make a bigger combo!


Incredibly fun, simple and anxiety inducing at higher skill levels. I have high hopes for the concept as a tile-matcher.


Thanks! Today we are working in a new minor update, so stay tuned or add the game to your itch's collection to be suscribed yo our newsletter. 

And, if you enjoyned Magical Prisma remember that you can let a positive review (this really help us to reach as many people as possible)


Sooo the game is nice and sweet and all , until you get to the shop to unlock stuff with the coins you win during play ...
Why ? Well how about your avatar by default is white without you bein able to choose and if you're black and you want the skin tone of your avatar to match yours guess what ...
Yes your skin color is an unlockable that you have to grind for ...
Isn't it just dandy ...

Hey, Bullware Soft is here!. Congratulations, you have a good sight for game-designs issues. Probably while you was navigating through "Magical Shop" you realized how a lot of faces repeat with different colors one after the other, and that is very boring and unconfortable to navigate, compare and buy. 

We can't avanced how we will solve this, but you can get sure that this re-design is going to solve the coherence with the skins' colors system.

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Way to completely miss the point of my comment and not addressing it in any way ...
You do realize that a black person (for example) with the current system does have to buy their skin tone while a white person is "assumed to be the default" ?
How do you not see this and how offensive it is for your black and brown and asian customers ?


Looks sweet and enjoyable. But has some problems:

 * Is way too consolish for my taste. I can not navigate in the menu by basic keyboard controls. Not even dreaming about mouse. Why do you not accept such basic functionality? It is a complete 5:30 for me.

 * No help makes even me want to drop and forgot it. Millenials would just glance away. I understand it could be a nice challenge to figure out, how you actually play it, but first few minutes were unsuccessful, so, whatevs.

Uninstalling, until I someday stumble upon it again and it has those issues fixed.

Hey, Bullware Soft is here!. You are right, Magical Prisma has 50% arcade and 50% console spirit. Sadly, for design issues, the mousse will not be compatible, and the tutorial isn't developed yet, but will be avaiable after the beta version is done. For the moment you have available a video tutorial and a control description both in this page. And a visual guide in the ingame menu/controls, where you can select a control that makes you feel more confortable with.

Thanks for you feedback and I hope you decide to reinstall the game in future versions.


Thanks for swift reply :) That sounds good. I respect your choices. Good luck with work on the game ;)


Hey, really enjoyed the game, although I only played single player. On to feedback!

  • Selecting the controller will turn off the keyboard controls meaning if you don't have a controller you can't go back, only close the game and start it again.
  • The roulette is a really great to add twists to the game and force players to adapt, I really liked it but:
    • There should be an "anti bad luck" feature stopping the roulette from staying on the same criteria for to long. I lost some games because it stood on "shape" only (and I'm bad at matching anything that is not color) and I just lost.
      • Maybe even make it so that color has a greater chance to come out as it is the default and people would be more used to it or at least on it works that way on the easier difficulties.
    • I think that the roulette being on the bottom of the screen is not that great because I didn't find myself looking that much down but that was just me.
  • Holding the select button should allow you to select various squares. At least while playing with the keyboard I had to press it on every square. If you lower the number of inputs necessary it can enable faster playing.
  • I loved that you already added color blind option and multiple ones at that! It is just great when people already think about accessibility when making their games!

Hey, one of the devs here!

We are glad you enjoyed it, we are enjoying a little holiday, but we will come back and fix all of those things (and add tons of new content) on the following updates! 



Awesome! I'll keep following and trying the new updates because this game has great potencial and I want to give as much feedback as I'm able to :)


If I read the release notes correctly, then it shouldn't be possible to select the controller option in the settings any more if no controller is connected. In my case however it seems the controllers *are* detected, but they simply don't do anything ;-)

It would probably be a good idea to always enable keyboard controls for such cases.

It is a known issue, we don't know why does it happen, but we will do something about it, we did what u suggested but only on the title screen (we thought it would be enough), we should do as you suggested and enable the keyboard on the entire game. Thanks!


I think the problem is the Rewired plugin, which has only very limited controller support out of the box.

I'm just guessing, but you may be querying for the presence of any controller, independent of it's actual support; see for more information and how to get reasonable controller support (untested, but this may explain your problem ;-)).

I'll take a look now that I have some time.

Thanks a lot!!!! Love ya <3



I had a change to play magical prisma and the core gameplay loop already feels very polished. The artstyle is cute but readable and I really like the fact that you don't try to layer too many efects on the screen. One thing that intially threw me off was the nonstandard controller scheme, there is just something that feels a little weird about pressing x (on the xbox1 controller) as your main confirmation button. 

Anyway keep up the good work!

Thanks! We are glad that you have enjoyed it! More stuff is coming up in the future. Regarding the control, it is the best way that we have thinked of playing Magical Prisma. it allows the player to select and destroy pieces just with just the thumb, in the menus it had to stay like that for consistency, but we are working on making it more intuitive.

Best regards - Lead developer of Magical Prisma


Magical prisma tiene unas mecánicas que no habia visto antes en un juego móvil, y una vez te haces a ellas son bastante divertidas e intuitivas. No llegué a jugar el multi-player pero estoy seguro de que con este tipo de mecánicas, puedes pasar un buen rato con tus colegas o alguien online. 

El arte me parece bonito, pero muy visto (estética cartoon/anime)pero todo tiene coherencia así que no está mal. 

Algo leve que se podría cambiar fácilmente es mostrar las teclas  de aceptar y mover en el menú principal porque es algo poco intuitivo al principio y tengo que probar todas las teclas 

En general, buen juego, seguid así 


Muchas gracias por tú valoración, pero ¿porqué en un juego móvil si solo lo ofrecemos en formato PC?