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Hack and Slime PA_0.1.8.0
Translation by Google. Now the player can not unwail his initial sword and shield. A translation error has been corrected to English in the consistory manual. N...
3 files
Hack and Slime PA_0.1.7.0
Translation by Google. A closure animation has been added to the Boss Gate. All chests have been updated to a new design version. A resplendent purple chest has...
3 files
Hack and Slime PA_0.1.6.2
Translation by Google. The game has gone from its browser version to a desk version. The Elevator of The Sewers 2 has moved much closer to the entrance door. An...
Hack and Slime PA_0.1.5.0
Translation by Google. NOTICE: To erase previously incompatible data The game will pass twice by Title Screen the first time you open Has been corrected an erro...
1 file
Hack and Slime PA_0.1.4.0
Translation by Google. Please, if you have a previous game delete it from the title screen with CTRL + BACKSPACE The arrows on well doors, temples, and doors no...
1 file
Hack and Slime PA_0.1.3.0
Translate by google All chests near doors have been eliminated to avoid Farming. An error referring to water from catacomb levels has been solved. Collisions wi...
Hack and Slime PA_0.1.2.0
All the names of Characters by Humble Village and his Display has been updated. A mistake has been corrected by which the enemies stop their behavior if the gam...
Hack and Slime PA_0.1.1.0
Hello everyone! we have the first update of our pre-alpha, exclusively for testers. Would you like to be a Hack and Slime tester? Come to our discord and reques...
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Hello! First things first. About your game. OMG. SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I have a small channel on Youtube, I'm a brazili...
started by Ricky, O Bardo Sep 29, 2021
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